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Introducing our new Ukrainian paramedic partners

We'd like to introduce you to the Hospitallers Ukraine, a volunteer medical batallion rescuing and treating those who are injured on the front lines of the ongoing war. This fantastic group was founded in 2014 by medical volunteer Yana Zinkevych, who at the time was only 18 and is now a member of the Ukrainian parliament.

Check out their webpage here, their Instagram here, and a story about them in The New Yorker here. Suffice to say, they're doing amazing work! We're incredibly proud to be partnering with them on the next phase of our mission.

Speaking of which... As of today we have officially purchased a 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter ambulance for them, as well as FOUR Mitsubishi L200 pick-up trucks - all from the UK. They use the L200s as rapid extrication vehicles for patients injured in active hot zones, where it's simply too dangerous for any ambulance to travel. This mini fleet is still less expensive than one armoured ambulance, and is exactly what they're requested.

In addition to driving these from the UK and delivering them to Hospitallers, we will be stocking them with over $40,000 of brand new trauma supplies - as specifically requested by Hospitallers.

When does all this happen you ask? Well we leave in exactly one week!

The countdown is on. Keep checking back for more updates, or follow our new Instagram page to watch the stories as they unfold!

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