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Mission Accomplished!!!!

Three ambulances. Serviced, stocked and delivered. Highly reliable and enroute to the front lines. (Total cost: ~$70,000)

Forty six boxes of supplies. Lifesaving trauma and medical gear. Delivered in Kyiv by Jeff and Max Burko. (Total cost: ~$30,000 - raised and contributed to PFVMH by Jeff)

Three personal survival kits. Placed in each ambulance. Keeping PFVMH paramedics safe, healthy and fed so they can help others. (Total cost: ~$5000)

Countless groceries, toiletries, tampons and more. Loaded to the roof in each ambulance. Donated to the only humanitarian group working the Ukrainian side of the Medyka/Sheyini border. (Total cost: ~$10,000)

Two and a half weeks, from idea to Ukraine. 1400km by car, 2km by foot (long story). Many flights and restless nights. (Total operational cost: ~$7000)

Twenty thousand dollar goal. One hundred and twenty thousand raised. All remaining funds going towards Phase Two with PFVMH - stay tuned.

Hundreds of friends, colleagues, family and allies. Doing what they can, giving as they’re able. Making the mission possible. (Total debt: Immeasurable)

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