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Sorry for the Radio Silence! (plus an overdue update)

I am going to start with an apology; we have been pretty silent for the past several months, and many of you have likely thought we disappeared, for this we apologize.

To be frank we lit the candle at several points and ended up getting a little burned in the process. Our last trip was a bit of a monster, though it wasn’t the end of the work we've been doing. Here is the recap and update on the Paramedics for Paramedics Ukraine project…

Thanks to your support, we have delivered a total of 5 ambulances, 4 rapid extrication vehicles, and 1 delivery truck to Ukraine.

After making completing the convoy across Europe from London to Warsaw, we left the vehicles and supplies with Hospitallers in Poland. After further servicing, they were painted and prepped for service on the front lines.

Next up, we stopped by to see our friends at the humanitarian centre in Shehyni (Centrum Pomocy Humanitarnej Shehyni) in order to deliver supplies and discuss future needs.

It was a special day, as we joined in celebrating the 8th birthday of their youngest volunteer!

Meanwhile, while assisting with packing their delivery trucks we noted the need for a safer, better-weighted delivery vehicle.

We left Shehyni that night and walked back into Poland, concluding our second mission to support Ukraine. After returning home and ensuring all our repair bills were paid, put all our remaining donations towards a suitable delivery truck for them.

See the delivery truck in action below, taking critical food and supplies to civilians near the front lines.

Once back in Canada, we took some much-needed time to focus on personal matters as we had been quite occupied with two missions in just 2.5 months while working full-time. This would not have been possible without the incredible support, hard work, and faith from so many people.

Thank you!

Initially, we felt that our project to support Ukraine was complete, having far surpassed our initial goal of delivering a single ambulance. Instead, with allies such as Jeff and Max, and buoyed by countless donations from generous individuals like you, we delivered 10 vehicles and over $100K in medical supplies.

We planned to find other ways to help individually and explore new future projects for Paramedics for Paramedics. However, members of the Ukrainian Church of Kelowna and the We Help Ukraine group recently contacted us with another enormous donation. And so, we are getting ready for a third - and likely final - mission to Ukraine.

Stay tuned for updates on this last mission (we promise to be better at updating)!

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